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Product Design Portfolio

Welcome to my Product Design Portfolio. You may be wandering why this individual has so many protfolios. Well, I started as a Compositor & Motion Designer. Recently I have decided to amke a career cahnge towards Product Design, hence this new portfolio. I have 4 years of experience working on commercials, music videos and everything in between. I am certain this experience along with my new UI/UX Bootcamp certificate will allow me to land my first product Design Role.



Worth Explore

It is always hard to move to a new place. For starters, everything around you is new. You do not know what to do around you, and while some cities are pedestrian friendly. The vast majority of USA is a car driven society. This app aims to ease that transition and allow users to explore their sorroundings.


Tiny Tales

TinyTales is a new startup that wants to make it easier for parents to find great books and stories to read to their young children.



Sub Tracked


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