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Sprint Design for new Filter Option

Company Overview

TinyTales is a new startup that wants to make it easier for parents to find great books and stories to read to their young children.

My Role

I was responsible of UX Research, Sketching, prototyping and testing.


May 2024 - May 2024

The Objective

Test a filter screen to allow parents narrow down children options

From an early age, reading is a very important skill and hobby that kids have to learn and hopefully enjoy for the rest of their lives. Parents want to allow their children to pick their books and enjoy reading or read with them, but they want to ensure the books are suitable for them and their circumstances. Tinytales wants to close this gap. The objective of this sprint project is to create a filter screen that will be entertaining while easy to navigate to help parents and kids choose their books.


Understanding User pain points - Persona
Research Synthesis

For this project, I was given user interviews. With this information, I created the persona and understood the user pain points, goals and created a journey map for the following Research question: How to Help Parents filter books for their kids.


Once the persona has been created and I reviewed the interviews, A few insights appeared:

1. Parents want to filter books for their kids.

2. One of their main pain points is the amount of time it takes them to find a book to read, because they have to check if it is age appropriate and the length is adequate for the day.

3. Educational books are desired.

My next step was to create a journey map and study competitors to understand their approaches and flaws.

Design & Ideation

Lightning Demos - Crazy 8 - Sketching

Now that persona has been defined along with its journey map and a good understanding of the pain points, it is time to gather designs and research our competitors. First step was to create Lightning Demos in order to gather inspiration from competitors and understand what they have done that works and what can be improved upon.

Second task was to create a crazy 8 design. I decided to do the homepage as it will inspire all the other screens.

Finally it was time to sketch our user journey map. I sketched the experience of filtering the books in order to get fewer results that will be easier for kids to choose from. 

Lightning Demos
Crazy 8 and Sketching

Prototyping & Testing

High Fidelity - Testing
High Fidelity Designs

As it is a sprint design and is meant for quick testing to see if it is worth developing the feature, My main focus was on creating the 2 filter screens. I wanted to see if this design was eye appealing while easy to use. I have to remember that kids of the ages of 4 to 10 will be using the app. Therefore, eye appeal was very important for this project.

Additionally as I keep learning more about smart prototyping, for this project I pushed myself further and learned more about components and variables. Because of that, the filter screen is just one screen where you can move everything on them.


User testing

Finally time for the grand finale. Time to see if my  designs, prototyping and interactions lived up to its task. I interviewed 5 different parents ranging from the ages of 25 to 35 years old that  have kids from the ages of 4 to 9 years old.

After the interviews were done these are the insights I gathered:

  1.  Users were fairly happy with the design, they loved the idea of having candy pop instead of star for the reviews.

  2. They were not super excited about the homepage. It looked a bit generic.

  3. One common pattern that I noticed is that the filter and category screen were tailored a bit more towards boy kids. Next step will be to have 2 more screen versions. One girl themed and one neutral. 

Want to try it out?

Here is your task:

It is almost time for a book story. Your kid mentioned to you that he wants to read something about animals, more specifically about animals that live in the ocean. You want your kid to pick the book, but you will help him narrow down the options. It is getting quite late, so you want books that will not last more than 10 minutes to read and that will be appropriate for his age. Between the ages of 5 to 7 you reckon it is good. 

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